Other Services

Seasoned Firewood

My customers have come to trust that the firewood I bring them is indeed hardwood and dry. The only key to repeat customers is quality. I learned this many years ago.

Caps & Screens installed

I install all types of caps and screens on chimney tops. The only way to keep animals and debris out is to install a cap or screen. The photo shown is a 56"x 67" copper cap I recently installed. I can have any size custom chimney cap made to suit your needs.

Animal Removal

Should you choose not to install a cap and have a visitor move in, I can also send him - or her - on their way!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vents should be cleaned from time to time, especially if there are corners in the vent. Lint build up is both a fire hazard and also extends the drying time, especially with heavy loads such as towels and jeans.

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