Cleaning & Repairs

When firewood is burned it leaves a residue called creosote in the chimney. A chimney lined with creosote is a chimney fire lying in wait. The only way to safely remove creosote is through brushing the chimney with the proper brushes and tools.

I have the proper tools and knowledge to inspect damaged chimneys in need of repair. I do relining of chimneys, damper repair, chimney cap repair, etc. I also have a list of businesses to recommend if there is major reconstruction or repairs needed.

I have a video recording device made specifically for the inspection and video taping of the entire interior of your chimney. This is a strongly recommended procedure to those buying a home with a previously used fireplace. If there are any broken, cracked, or misaligned flue tiles, they can be easily seen with this procedure.

  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Video Inspections
  • Caps Installed
  • Screens Installed
  • Animal Removal

I install all types of caps and screens on chimney tops. The only way to keep animals and debris out is to install a cap or screen. The photo shown is a 56″x 67″ copper cap I recently installed. I can have any size custom chimney cap made to suit your needs.

Should you choose not to install a cap and have a visitor move in, I can also send him – or her – on their way!